Sustainability, Saving Money and Simbi

Busy is a four-letter word

Life with two little people is busy on the best of days, and it is exponentially so now that our family is self-isolating at home full-time. I find myself trying to do it all, but the honest truth is that I miss the supports I used to have and the ability to spend time and energy on personal pursuits instead of constant parenting, working and homemaking.

I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, about how something had to give; that something would have be my blog writing. At the very least, I concluded that I would have to cut back until life became a little more manageable. While this remains true, it does not change the fact that I still have the urge to communicate my ideas about leading a more sustainable life, and the tips I’ve come across to help improve our financial standing. What can I say, it’s my passion project.

Because I’m basically tapped out right now, I decided that I would have to find and accept help anywhere I could get it. As it happened, one of the personal finance commentators I’ve been following this past year, Chelsea from The Financial Diet, referenced a free online platform, Simbi, that allows users to barter for skills and services. This idea caught my attention because it might actually allow me to continue to publish valuable information on the blog while being mindful not to overextend the family’s budget during these uncertain times.

My Experience Signing Up with Simbi

After signing up and thinking about a starter skill I felt confident in offering – English-French translation – I perused to see what other users might offer me. I was really pleased with the talent on the site: from singing teachers, lactation consultants, online coaches, voice actors, photographers, proof-readers and editors, Excel gurus, graphic artists, to hypnotherapists and astrologists. The range is truly inspiring.

There are thousands of Simbi users from far and wide offering to help others in exchange of a virtual currency called Simbi, that you receive from other users when you fulfil a job request for them, or helping the community and recruiting new members. No actual money ever needs to change hands, and most services are available virtually or locally, which keeps the environmental impact low. If that’s not invaluable at a time of financial uncertainty, I don’t know what is. I obviously had to find a way to share this to both help readers find someone who can help them, but also to expand the talent pool!

My Very Own Virtual Assistant

Long story short, I fulfilled a few requests like answering a survey and listening to a podcast, and applied for a few services of my own. One of the services I requested was the help of a wonderful virtual assistant (and mother) named Jolyn Decalini, who was offering her services in exchange for a testimonial to support her budding personal virtual assistant career.

virtual assistant simbi

Jolyn was gracious enough to draft a guest post for the Frugalogical Footprints blog on my behalf about a topic of my choosing. I thought it was fitting that she draft a post about Simbi, not only because it would enable me to share new content with you that actually aligns with the goals of this blog (i.e. “A More Sustainable and Affordable Life”), but also because without Simbi, I wouldn’t be able to share any content at all because blogging, for me at least, takes up a lot of time and research. And for that, I am grateful to her and to the new community I discovered. Thank you.

If you’d like to learn more about Simbi, Jolyn’s wonderful and really enjoyable guest post can be accessed here.

If you decide you want to give it a try, I would ask that you consider using my referral link, which will give you a 75 Simbi signup bonus (the average deal is about 25 Simbi), it will also allow me to earn 25 Simbi when you join, and another 25 when you complete your first deal. The Simbis I earn will help me run this blog more efficiently and outsource some of the legwork (e.g. proofreading and making graphics), so that I can instead do what I love best – share my ideas with you.

What are you doing to find extra help in the era of social distancing? Have you ever used a skill sharing service like Simbi? What is one thing that you really need to get done but haven’t gotten around to?

One thought on “Sustainability, Saving Money and Simbi

  1. My Simbi experience is very similar to yours! As a new SAHM, I had no money and even less time to spare, but I still wanted to stay connected and enjoy new experiences. Simbi helped me to grow my expertise and feel more comfortable collaborating with people online. I’m glad you’re spreading the word about it!


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