Simbi for Sustainability and Affordability

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*This is a guest post from the wonderful Jolyn Decalini, an aspiring virtual assistant I engaged with on Simbi. My interaction with her on the platform was so positive, and it inspired me so much, that I asked her to draft a post about Simbi I could share with my readers. I blogged about my experience with it here in case you’d like to check that post out!

An affordable, sustainable life can be accomplished in many ways. Often, when we hear the words affordable and sustainable, we think of recycling, reducing our waste, gardening, and self-reliance. These are all great ways to save money and the planet, but for a truly great way to live affordably and sustainably, we should look to the past at practices like bartering.

Bartering is the age-old practice of trading goods and services within a community. Think of old westerns, where cowboys would go down to the trading post to exchange raccoon pelts for much-needed supplies and rations. Since the days of the trading post are far behind us, we now turn to a more modern and convenient way to barter: online communities.

While there are many online bartering communities, Simbi is certainly a free front-runner. Using Simbi can revolutionise how we pay for goods and services, opening the door for the creation of a totally new community and economy for the ecologically minded.

What is Simbi?

Simbi is a website and online community that matches people with different skill sets so they can easily trade with each other, at no monetary cost. The name Simbi comes from the word symbiotic, which means a mutually beneficial relationship. Every day, you can see these mutually beneficial relationships play out as members trade their skills with each other.

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This community is ideal for freelancers who are looking to fill their unbooked hours without committing to traditional, long-term projects. Simbi is also great for people with unique skills, who aren’t sure which platform is best to offer their skills. But more than just providing and receiving goods and services, Simbi provides a platform for like-minded individuals to meet, share experiences, and form lasting relationships.

How Does Simbi Work?

Once you have signed up for a free Simbi account, you will create a profile and add any skills you would like to provide to other members of the community. These skills can be literally anything you enjoy doing. Do you love to sing? Offer 30 minutes of voice lessons. Obsessed with astrology? Offer a customized astrological reading or chart. Have you made it big in the marketing world? Create a crash course for others who would like to do the same. The possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve created your profile, browse the different categories of goods and services offered in the Simbi community. The categories listed include:

  • Art & Design
  • Wellness & Fitness
  • Experiences
  • Home & Food
  • Business
  • Learning
  • Beauty
  • Pets & Kids
  • Fun & Quirky

Within these categories, you will find over 100,000 different goods and services offered by Simbi members. Once you find a skill you are interested in bartering for, you can contact the listing owner and offer to trade one of your skills for theirs. If they aren’t interested in any of your skills, you can offer to pay Simbi, a type of currency only good in the Simbi community, in exchange for their good or service.

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After contacting the person with whom you would like to barter, you can submit a proposal using Simbi’s user-friendly system. The provider of the good or service will have a set timeframe to perform the task. Upon completion of the task, you will be able to provide feedback, whether you’re the one providing the skill or the one receiving it. Simbi members will be able to give you a personalized review so that other members will know what to expect when working with you.

Why Join Simbi?

There are so many great reasons to join the Simbi community. From the camaraderie to the interesting skills, everyone is bound to find a part of Simbi that they love. However, perhaps the most important part of belonging to Simbi is the opportunity to save money and the environment.

On Simbi, affordability and sustainability go hand in hand. Every aspect of the platform saves money and helps to cut down on ecological impact. For example, since most transactions are completed online, the need for travel is eliminated. While you can find local communities through Simbi, these groups would consist of like-minded, ecologically conscious people.

Another way Simbi promotes affordability and sustainability is by reducing the number of new products that are being manufactured. Of the products you can find on Simbi, the vast majority of them are handmade, recycled, or antiques. By using Simbi to shop, you can save money, show you care for the environment, and find something extremely unique. Whether finding services or goods, there are so many great advantages to joining the Simbi community.

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Live Affordably, Live Sustainably, Join Simbi

Simbi’s easy to use platform, supportive community, and their huge variety of available skills makes it a site that everyone should consider joining. Every day, the Simbi community works together to provide goods and services to each other while forming meaningful relationships.

The more successful barters you complete, the more you will fall in love with the Simbi community, its members, and all that it stands for. So, sign up for Simbi and start living an even more affordable, sustainable lifestyle.

Remember to use my (Mary’s) referral link, which will give you a 75 Simbi signup bonus (the average deal is about 25 Simbi), and it will allow me to earn 25 Simbi when you join, and another 25 when you complete your first deal. The Simbis I earn will help run this blog more efficiently and outsource some of the legwork I don’t like (e.g., proofreading and making graphics), and instead do what I love best – share my ideas with you.

Do you have any experience barters for goods or services? Tell me about it below!

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