An Evergreen Process

It’s always hard for me to know where to begin telling anyone about my journey toward a more sustainable life, and the last thing I want to do is sound preachy — there is enough judgement and mommy shaming out in the world without inviting it here in my blog space.

I suppose a good place to start, now that you’ve honoured me with your attention – and I say that sincerely – is to share a few of the reasons why I felt compelled to dust off the old laptop, register a domain name, and type silently behind a screen while my baby takes her mid-morning nap.

Here are just a few reasons why becoming more sustainable means so much to me:

  • I am mother of two very young and amazing children and I want them to have happy, healthy and safe futures.
  • Every day, I can sense the climate around me behaving in ways it hadn’t before and want to do something about it.
  • I believe that we all share the power and the responsibility to make changes that will benefit us, our planet and our children, and their children, and their children’s children, and their children’s…
  • While I am an able-bodied, white, middle-class, suburban mother who experiences a great deal of privilege, I am learning that choosing sustainable options need not be cost-prohibitive, expensive or require any fancy equipment or new mason jars.
  • There are creative ways we can shift our lives and our consumption to align ourselves with a more sustainable fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Frugality and minimalism can be powerful tools in building a more eco-friendly future by refocusing our priorities, and reducing waste and needless consumption.
  • Ultimately, as I begin the slow but steady process of transitioning my family’s consumption patterns (and fully expecting many ups and downs), I want to share what I learn with others, document my experience, link to valuable resources, build a community of like-minded individuals willing to share their own voices and knowledge, and perhaps even inspire others to begin their very own journey.

I should say that I don’t claim to have any moral or intellectual authority to tell anyone what to do or how live – the world is filled with experts and gurus and I am not one of them. I am, however, passionate about doing what I can to reduce my environmental footprint, save resources, and hopefully bring my family along for the ride.

For this change to stick, it will also have to be lighthearted and energizing and so I will do my best to offer solutions and be as action-oriented as possible, and to steer away from gloomy prognoses and Mad Max-esque futuristic scenarios. Hope, in my experience, is a better motivator than fear and, if I must confess, I just prefer the way hope feels.

This blog won’t be an autobiography – I am a very private person and so my family members, our careers, and our full names will remain off the table – but I will try my best to weave our general story into my posts so that you can see firsthand what strategies have worked for us, why, and what challenges we, as a family, are working to overcome. With that said, I don’t expect that every change I try to implement will work for us or for you, or will even stick in the long run, but I do hope that together we can learn valuable lessons and chip away at that big old carbon footprint. Who knows, you may even consider trying them for yourselves as well.

Going forward, I fully expect the content to be evergreen – no pun intended. I aim to post regularly about the ideas and strategies I come across, document changes we have made and how we are adapting to them, but I also hope to share fun challenges (did anyone say: zero waste jar perhaps?) and maybe share a few uplifting stories and guest posts too.

So there you have it! Now its your turn to tell me in the comments below: what has brought you to this blog and how does sustainability fit into your life? Don’t forget to link to your own frugality or sustainability blog if you have one.

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