Hi there! Welcome to the Frugalogical Footprints blog, a space in which I share ideas and techniques that I use, as a Millennial mother, in my family’s transition toward a more sustainable and affordable lifestyle.

This platform brings together helpful information, tips, tricks, DIYs and actionable steps to reduce our carbon footprint and save money in the process. These may be things that my young family is already doing, plans to do, or that we have tried and that ultimately didn’t work for us. My hope is that it will give you a firsthand account of sustainable practices in action so that you can decide whether or not they’re right for you.

Since I also believe in taking action out in the real world, I will occasionally share resources that are relevant to families and individuals in Ottawa, my local community. That doesn’t mean this blog isn’t intended to a wider audience too: I will make sure my posts can have a broad application and provide options you can adapt to your own home and community.

This blog aims to inform and inspire collective action, believing that we all – from individuals to corporations and governments – have a role to play to preserving our planet and building a better tomorrow for ourselves and our kids. This also means that no one person can do it alone I hope this space will allow like-minded individuals to connect, share and mobilise.

Feel free to take a look around; you can explore the themes that you’re most interested in, including waste reduction, energy efficiency and conservation, money saving tips, DIYs, getting involved, minimalism, local engagement, and others. I also also tried to organise my posts around the 8 major Rs of recycling and sustainability, so feel free to browse those these as well.

So let’s get to work on adapting our choices together! I encourage you to reach out with your questions and your comments, to subscribe for updates and to share your favourite posts with your friends and family so that they might be inspired to make a change too.

Start reading my latest posts here. Hope to see you around here more often.

— Mary